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  1. G&G M14: Stock to DMR
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  4. G&G M4 Overhaul Project
  5. Vehicle Redux
  6. Quick detach backpack
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  8. Replica Valkyrie Arms belt bed m4
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  12. My new sniper rifle.
  13. Suggestions for King Arms internal upgrades
  14. GMR mini M.A.P. mod
  15. 1919 Browning and/or Mini gun build
  16. Custom G36c
  17. Radio Compatability Chart
  18. Gary Gordon's M4 from Black Hawk Down
  19. how do i remove the annoying flash hider on my kwa?
  20. Ca sr-25 dmr
  21. what lipo would fit a p90 stock?
  22. AKS74U project
  23. Built from scratch m4
  24. upgrades to an old g&g combat machine
  25. Need ideas for my KWA SR-10
  26. New paint job on TM VSR10
  27. Ghille Cover for an L96.
  28. R93 WIP paint job.
  29. Tan echo 1 platinum edition m4
  30. A project we can all get in on.