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Shadow Nugz
10-21-2013, 04:41 PM
Hey all, just thought I would post a little somethin' somethin' about our team.

Facebook: UTAG Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/UTAGTeams?ref=br_tf)


U.T.A.G. -United Tactical Applications Group:
U.T.A.G. is a group of teams with the goal of promoting MILSIM across the United States and is largely responsible for the widespread growth of the MILSIM aspect of the Airsoft Society forums.

The original 5 team leaders organized the original teams in November 2012 and we currently run 3 teams across the U.S. with another team pending.

We encourage all aspects of MILSIM, including OPs, kit/gear and training. And as such, team requirements are not restricted as a whole, but rather on the Team Leader's discretion of kit and/or impression requirements.

Black Team:
As Team Leader of Black Team, I require a NSW(Navy Special Warfare) or other similar impression, as to assist in the uniformity when playing together.

However, this is a flexible requirement, as other impressions of SOF are acceptable(MARSOC, CAG, Rangers, etc) as long as you can fulfill the team SOP of a AOR2 uniform (repro or real).

Member applications are to be made by application, with kit status/ pictures, location, age, and other pieces of information as may be requested and voted upon by active members of the team, with the final decision made by the TL(me) upon meeting in person.

Any questions or inquiry's can be directed towards me or posted here.