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    Default Military Question?

    I have been watching military videos on YouTube lately and I just have to know one thing that sticks in my mind when I watch them. Actually I have always wondered this with military combat situations so I figured since there is a small group of soldiers who have actual, real life combat experience I am going to get the answer here.

    How on earth can you hear anything when going through a firefight with the enemy? With all the suppressive fire I dont see how any verbal communication is made. Are you guys deaf for a while afterward? Do you have long-term hearing damage?

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    yay for Tinnitus ! hearing loss is a very common issue that combat arms and arty guys end up having, you are told to wear them at all times while shooting. Sorry but when you are ambushed putting in your ear plugs is the not somthing that runs through your head. Cant even say its the last thing runs through your head, somthing like that doesnt register as somthing that needs to be done at that point in time. Hand signals, whether its what you are taught or not, you learn to get the point acrossed with hand motion, and if all else fails you yell at the top of your lungs to be heard over the incoming and outgoing rounds.

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    +1 to what Baker said, Yay for tinnitus. Permenant ringing of the ears. I am very deaf in my left ear because my earpro fell out right before an air assault and all day battle. I didn't even care and still let loose with my MK48, I just screamed as loud as possible and that usually worked. I have a pretty loud voice. but yea when everything is quiet it isn't for me, my ears are always ringing! Wear hearing protection always because once you lose it you can't get it back! Take care of your ears.

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    It depends on what you mean by "...hear anything..."

    Some poeple go stone deaf under the stress of combat - usually not very long - others their hearing becomes quite accute, and even becomes a distraction.

    In short firefights you can have the same luxery as hunting... You don't notice, until your next hearing eval. Other times you can hear certain specific things that your brain keys in on as being important, but never even hear extremely loud obvious things that your brain determines is not important - this also applies to seeing, feeling, doing, and remembering.

    I have experienced both of the issues in the second paragraph but neither in the first paragraph, though I know people that have.

    You can suffer permanent hearing loss from a single incident, or be one of those freaks of nature that never have a statistically significant hearing change. The worst I ever suffered was complete hearing loss for almost 72 hours in one ear, but nothing wrong with the other. ???????

    There is a reason they developed hand signals and smoke/flares or other means to give orders or to signal action. Good units are ALWAYS training (much to the displeasure of the low ranking worker bees) to minimize the need for verbal communication, because you just KNOW your job and work off of "instinct" with the guys around you.

    There is also a reason, to this day, I hate loud noise and crowds. Give me quiet and dark and I am happy as a pig in shit.

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    +2 for what baker said. Im not deaf from gunfire though, b-1b engines did it to me.

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