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    My AAR from Oklahoma Invasion that was posted on MSE Boards:

    Saturday, 28 May 2011 - 1000hrs

    Squad 2-3, as well the rest of OKPA 2nd Platoon, was tasked with setting up the TOC and guard it. 2-3 was on TOC guard duty for 2 solid hours and actually enjoyed the experience of guarding command from suspicious characters. Chopper came in twice and nearly blew my skinny **** to the ground but it was a hell of a thing to witness. CO Netman was adamant about patting us on the back for our swell job of standing around.

    Later, 2nd Platoon was assigned to patrol down 27 to the airport to come up on IFOK's **** or split them in half. 3/4 of the way there we located the MRLS and was order by command to guard said MRLS. Close to two hours went by and the rest of the platoon was getting froggy and wanted to get some action. MAKO held its resolve. Until it was ordered by the PTL to disobey standing orders to hold at the MLRS and continued onto the flanking manuever at the airport, despite being a squad short.

    Taking the airport was no sweat of 2nd Platoon's brow as we caught the IFOK off guard. The b**** of a hill to the airport was another story. 2nd Platoon then secured and cleared the airport and called it in. Soon later IFOK sent in a couple squad to the airport. After a long fight, and some non-hit calling we all were shot as well as medics. PTL was a heat casualty and this ended the day for most of 2nd Platoon.

    Saturday Night

    MAKO's Team of 5 returned back for guard duty as tasked at the SQL Meeting. Upon entering the AO to begin the trek to the TOC, Netman flag us down and ordered us to assist in the taking of Caen. We were a diversion element and went right in the front **** door. IFOK made short work of us as we were 5 guys against 12 gunners that only know not how to conserve ammo (nicest way I can put it). The diversion worked at the rest of Netman's rag-tag band of fighters took Caen and reclaimed its FOB.

    The night games were short as the dew point set in, as accurately predicted by Swayze (best and most effing accurate forecast ever), googles fogged regardless of the person. However, the 17 or so of us went with Netman to make an assault on Coleville. On the way, we were confronted for aid from an unidentified solider. A tac light was quickly flashed and as soon as we all saw he was tan, muzzles raised in an instant. We quickly entered Coleville and split our forces. We eliminated a small force before I was eliminated and return to camp to get some rack.


    Being the exhausted soliders we were, we all ignored the early morning alarm clocks and slept in. Until appropriately awaken by our S4 commanding us to gear up and get on the field because we were needed. We promptly geared up and, with the rest of Squad 2-2, loaded into a transport in route to Pegasus Bridge. As we dieseled by some OKPA troops they cheered for fresh reinforcements, it was a fantastic feeling. The Duece was stopped by Netman and we deployed to the battlefield. We were order forward of pegasus bridge and subsequently found ourselves up hill to a fortified IFOK bunker. Between Atekiel and Myself (the 2 survivors that made it as far as we did) we took out a majority of the defenders until we were both eliminated. We rallied at the Bridge CCP and then we were ordered to hold Caen. This is where we finished out our Sunday.

    Overall we had a fantastic time and an even better experience. Worth every **** penny.

    Thanks a bunch Frosty and Claymore.

    Pics: More pics I found of us and our platoon.

    My Favorite:

    Left to right - Atekiel, Tazz, Kilroy

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    I want to go next year with you guys prettttty bad. This looks like a good time. How did the medic rules work? What about AT Launchers?

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    Medic's had a roll of tape for wounded. If the medic ran out of tape you had to call in for medical supplies, just like the ammo and water.

    AT4 - In order to take out vehicles they had to shot rockets and only 1 per squad and had to hit the front of the vehicle so the driver could see it to know it was hit.

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    Its long but its live:

    MAKO TV Episode 14 - OK Invasion

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    Default Oklahoma Invasion 6

    Only if Odoofus is even dumber than I give him credit for and I give him lots of credit for that.

    Btw, care to guess the only state with a plant that actually assembles nuclear weapons? I will give you hint. It is south of Oklahoma.

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