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    Default Youtube Channel: NavySeelzrule

    Ok.. This is kinda my first post here and I've had an account for 2 months so excuse me if I'm accidentally doing something wrong xD
    I have a youtube account I made during my first year of Middleschool so excuse me for its stupid name.. NavySeelzrule... I was originally going to use it for gaming purposes but now I'm a big boy and I airsoft \('_')/ So I don't have any current videos but I may do a loadout video via webcam on my laptop.. But first I need a new gun so I may have an unboxing first.. But that won't be until Christmas. Feel free to join my 11 subscribers And when I do make videos if I start makin dat YOUTUBE MONEY! (epic mealtime referance) I'll be doing small giveaways and whatnot! And I may do some non airsofting videos too because I'm sort of a MLG...
    But I shall leave a link to my channel below and I'll be sure to subscribe back to all you Iowa boys!
    I'm also open to any suggestions for videos/people I should check out too! Feel free to comment!

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