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    Hey im attending the event tomarrow but i recently came across a major problem with my gearbox. how to describe it, well it is locked up, any troubleshooting tips? oh it is a g&g gr16 ebb with V2 gearbox.

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    Locks ups generally happen 1 of 2 ways.

    1. Your battery was dying/spring was a bit too strong and the battery couldn't deliver enough power to complete the cycle. This piston & spring are sitting in a semi or fully compressed position, and your battery/motor system can not deliver the needed torque to complete the cycle and break the shot. This can be fixed by finding/borrowing a high quality battery pack such as an Elite or possibly Intellect battery, or a high amperage/discharge liop that will allow your gun to turn over.

    2. The mesh between the pinion gear on your motor, and the bevel gear in your gun is not good. Most people refer to it as the motor being "too high" and jamming against the bevel gear, locking the gun up. In reality, it is a little more than that, dealing with not the pinions relation to the bevel, but also the bevels relation to the pinion. If this is the problem, then simply lowering the motor height via the large screw on the bottom of the pistol/motor grip SHOULD fix it. In reality, simply lowering the motor height is a temporary fix and you need to reshim your gun, starting with the pinion/bevel mesh.
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    If it is Option #1 you can also access the anti reversal latch by taking off the pistol grip and motor. I made a little wire hook that I can reach in and free the gearbox. We used to have this issue a lot with our old Classic Army rental guns.

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