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    Hey there Iowa.

    My name is Kyle Fairburn but I go by Vin or Vinvyin here in Ohio. I have been into airsoft for quite some time now. I live in Central Ohio (well more like Eastern Central Ohio) and I am a very active member over at Airsoft Ohio. We have quite a large community and I thought I would expand my knowledge of other states and how they play airsoft. I am now a member of a few other states airsoft forums and so far, the experience is growing quite well.

    I mostly play in wooded areas because CQB places really don't exist in Ohio. The closet one is in Pennsylvania and in Indiana. I am currently using a few different AEG's but I am saving up to build my own P* setup here quite soon. They have become quite popular here in Ohio.

    I will be on here quite a bit looking at new posts, maybe throwing in my own information about certain topics, and hopefully be an asset to your community.

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    Hey Vin, I'm new here too. Just joined today, but I've seen you on AO, I'm RaG3 x SH0ck

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