Airsoft BW15 Sniper/DMR
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    Default Airsoft BW15 Sniper/DMR

    thinking about getting the BW15 sniper/dmr AEG and uprgading it.
    6.01 madbull barrel
    different spring so its shooting about 470 with .2

    should i have the gearbox upgrading also since im getting a stronger spring and prolly gonna use a lipo for fast trigger response. or would i be better off buying a KWA m16 then buy a PTS stock, the custom pistol grip, and then the custom railsystem so it looks 99.9% just like the BW15 but not BW logo.

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    Blackwater (leave it to Cybergun to license the name of a company that went down in disgrace) AEG's are low quality...its another Cybergun with may need to upgrade a lot more parts to make it a reliable 470 shooter.

    Bearing that in mind. You will not be able to use this AEG at most venues for it will be shooting to high.

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    I would have to disagree with Guges. The base gun used for those BW rifles is the standard King Arms M4, which is a excellent M4 for the price (I have owned two, with several friends also owning some and liking the rifle quite alot). Upgrading the hop up, improving compressing and keeping fps at around 400-430 will allow you for long distance, accurate shots. It is not at all a low quality AEG.

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    Not all BW branded AEG's are made by King Arms.

    We would not truly know until we crack open the mechbox.

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