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    I'm in need of some quick advice on what magazines will fit properly in the king arms open-bolt m4a1 gbbr. I heard the king arm's gas magazines are crap and hardly hold a charge. I seem to only find WE magazines for sale or at least in stock. will they fit in the gun? My other concern is do they have to be for an open bolt system or will closed bolt mags work in the open bolt gun? Thanks to all who reply

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    King Arms does not make models as you have described. Its a WOC clone and with that, you will need WOC type mags.

    However, if you have a Open Bolt GBBR, then it is a WE. But, be in mind that WE totally uses the terms wrong. Their Closed Bolt model is not really a closed bolt and neither is the open bolt model. It is their closed bolt model that works from an open bolt. There were issues with ther older version and it was redesigned and they had to call it something they used open bolt.

    King Arms WOC mags will fire off the whole magazine if you fill it properly. The design flaw is the bolt stop. It's free floating and catches the bolt at random times versus a WOC mag which properly ties to the follower. BB out...follow pushes bolt stop up....
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    I know this is very late... but you can safely ignore the post above^^

    King arms makes a WA clone with very, very, VERY minimal differences.

    The best mags aside from the junk KA ones would be the ProWin open bolt mag as well as the G&P Pmag. both of those will work great with the gun.
    Now if you wanted to change the type of mag you use you could go ahead and buy the desired bolt from RA-tech whom sells most aftermarket parts for gbbs'.

    Hope this helps although its a little late

    Sources: 2 King arms M4's

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    You do realize a WOC is a licensed WA that is sold by G&P, right?

    Been messing with GBBR's since 2007-8...
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    I was referring to the open bolt part. You said all open bolt gbb rs are WE's.

    I apologize if I came off as offensive. I just meant that part was incorrect

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    I am referring to the nomenclature of "Open Bolt". Only WE markets a GBBR as "Open Bolt". While all other GBBR's do function from an open bolt. No one else market it as such and that is what I am referring too.

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