ARMA 2, Do you have/play it?
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    Question ARMA 2, Do you have/play it?

    Before you get mad at me for posting this I do realize that there already has been a post about ARMA 2 before, but my intentions for this one are a bit more specific.

    First off I want to know if you have the game and what version of it you have. (Arma 2/Arma 2 Free, Operation Arrowhead, Combined Operations)

    Secondly I was wondering how many people would be willing to do a custom game every once in a while in which we do a Human vs. AI scenario on either Chernarus or Takistan and just have fun moving around the countryside taking on the computer players with vehicles and the like.

    If you don't like fighting AI that works as well. I would like to hear your opinions on this.
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