Well MB06 upgrades?
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    Question Well MB06 upgrades?

    Hey guys, I have a Well MB06 sniper, and while it seems like a good gun for beginners, I am looking to get more power from it. I like the design and feel of the gun, but I want better range, higher power, etc, without spending a lot. I am using cheapo Crosman .2s right now, but I've ordered some Goldenball .28s which should show up soon.

    Do you have any suggestions as to how to upgrade without spending a lot of cash?

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

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    looking at you through a scope


    First I am going to say that building a sniper is not cheap. When building a sniper I recommend that you follow the golden rule of accuracy>power. Here are some of the upgrades I would recommend.
    1. .3 gram+ bbs
    2.action army zero trigger
    3.p* piston
    4.ball bearing spring guide
    5.pps hopup or pdi hopup
    6.6.03 pdi or edgi barrel
    7.nineball soft bucking
    8. barrel spacers
    9.upgrade spring
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