Operating in Silence

So I don't know if this is still a problem, but in the old days of airsoft (about 10 years ago), people could not shut the hell up in CQC and it was easy to know where your enemy was. It was so bad, a few of us went solo for months until we could find people to join up with that shared our views.

-I never found anyone north of the QC that played airsoft and had this mentality.

None-the-less, it is a valuable skill to have in building-clearing and other CQC environments and this thread is meant to teach some of those skills.

To begin with, these are a good list of basic signals widely employed.

However, the list is missing one of the most important, Tango (enemy). This is show with a fist pulling downward, usually in conjunction with tactical instructions given at the squad level or between squads.

Radio Communications

There is a lot of deviation when it comes to radio comms with squads or command centers as military vs paramilitary (police), so to simplify we'll stick with military since airsoft is generally used for milsim applications.

Here is the alphabet. Generally, it is not important to know the whole thing for combat comms, however it may be advantageous to.

Another important aspect when sending comms, and I can't stress it enough, is saying "Over" at the end of each (but not every) transmission. You will waste precious seconds waiting to see if someone is done or accidentally cutting a transmission short because you are trying to talk over them.

Also common to calls are names (generally in alphabetical order; i.e. Alpha Squad, Bravo Squad, etc), and commands (which generally do not require the transmission ending "Over". Commands include but are not limited to:

"How copy?"
This message is sent to find out the situation for the squad on the other end. The message should contain most of the following:
"(current location)(current action)"

Literally means "Will Comply"

A pretty good list can be found here as well:


Please feel free to add to this post to make it better.