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    Default RRU Team Loadout

    Coyote Brown Loadout Requirements:

    -Coyote Brown Uniform
    -Coyote Brown Chest Rig/Plate Carrier
    -Coyote Brown Pouches
    -Dark Earth Helmet w/ Rails
    -Radios w/ PTT's
    -Mid-cap Magazines
    -IFAK Kit
    -Admin Pouch/Utility Pouch for Miscellaneous things
    -MAP pack/Hydration
    -Sidearm w/extra Magazines
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    -Uniforms change depending on the OP. Usually between Green and Tan.
    -Regular Tan Pouches should be OK. Matching the color is too much of a hassle, and breaking up coloration helps camouflage.
    -Rails on a helmet, I personally find useless.
    -PTTs, I personally think that a regular radio speaker is fine. '...So you don't have to remove the radio to talk...' Placement of the radio will fix that problem.
    -Backpack, I'd rather not have it Molle'd down to the vest, I like having it QD so dropping weight is quick, less fatigue.

    Personal Setup:
    1st Line:
    Condor Rigger's belt (Black)
    BLACKHAWK! Serpa belt mount (Tan)
    KWA USP Tactical
    Dump Pouch (Black)

    2nd Line:
    Shellback Tactical Plate Carrier (Coyote)
    Condor Triple Stacker Mag Pouch (Tan)
    Condor Radio Pouch w/ Motorola Talkabout (Black)
    Improvised IFAK*

    3rd Line:
    Mich 2002 Helm (Tan)
    Revision Desert Locust Goggles (Black)
    Desert Mesh Mask (Tan)
    Improvised Shemagh* (Tan T-shirt tied on neck)

    4th Line:
    Black Tactical Backpack
    Hydration Bladder 3L
    Smart Charger
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    Im gonna be coming out as a new player next year!! One of the fastest shooters around and my stamina will be unreal!! Im excited to see our team dominate other teams in milsim and team events. We will all match in uniform and same loudout colors. We have got a hell of a team and excited for next year to start. We are excepting anybody that wants to join, but there is a contract that you must follow to run with us. Nothing to hard just simple rules of the game and ages from 16 and up. I do run my own junior team for guys that aren't always available, don't have enough money to spend on the team, or that guys that are to young to play in the Serious team. So ages for junior team is 12 and up.
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