Zombie Attack!!!!

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Date: 10/18/2014
Time: 1:00pm - 10:00pm
Location: Snyder Farm, 92 Howell Loop, Ulman, MO 65083
Price: $125 (see below for what is included)

60 Spots OPEN for this event ONLY!

For questions or to register, contact: Christopher Larsen (816)405-0152. Let him know that Tyler Campbell reffered you about this event.

$125 Registration Includes; MILES Gear, AR15 Rifle, 5 Magazines of Blank Ammo (140 Rounds), 1 MRE and free camping that evening. Large military tents will be set up for participants to use that evening after the event.

PLEASE NOTE: Participants may bring their own AR15 - IF it is caliber .223/5.55mm and it has a "bird cage" type flash supressor to attach a USGI Blank Fring Adaptor. All rifles will be checked into the control point for safety and fitted with MILES laser device. BARREL SCRATCHING MAY OCCUR!!! USUALLY IT DOES NOT BUT IT MAY HAPPEN SO YOU MUST BE OKAY WITH THIS!!!!

Game setup is clans of suvivors fighting against a small zombie force (also geared with MILES). The goal for the human suvivors is to survive the night. If you are killed, you turn into a zombie and will be on the zombie side for the rest of the event. Extra ammo will be provided within the storyline and 1 Shepard is still working on the ins and outs of the story to be disclosed on the day of the event.

Field is on 200+ acres that is perfect for MILES gear distances with a mix of terrain, open fields and trees.

1 Shepard is a professional, high caliber training group with top notch gear. I personally have had experience with these guys and they will put on one heck of an event. I played a force on force game with them in 2009, check out the YouTube video here: http://youtu.be/g3MzqVJOZ8c