M1A1 Thompson Butt Plate
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    Default M1A1 Thompson Butt Plate

    I need some help guys. I have 2 really cheap Thompsons I bought at MC Sports a while back and both of them are missing their butt plate. If someone could please link me to a website that sells that individual part I would really appreciate it! link to the cheap gun I have: http://www.hobbytron.com/ElectricKin...rsoftGun.html#

    I think even the more expensive thompsons have the same buttplate. Here is a more expensive version of the thompson with a good view of the butt plate: http://www.amazon.com/Soft-Thompson-.../dp/B001B4QVMA

    Thanks in advanced

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    Sadly American Consumerism does not apply to Airsoft.

    Spare parts for this item cannot be found on a website to purchase.

    With that...what are you calling the butt plate? The entire back door assembly or something else?

    I think I can find 2 for you. If I do...30.00 shipped for both okay?

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    Default M1A1 Thompson Butt Plate

    hi if you manage to have the dash plate made would you mind posting a picture and price and the guys contact details cheers... grandad

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