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    Default Custom Glocks and Stuff

    An associate of mine has opened his online store.

    It has a FB page -

    Think of this place as Hong Kong Lite...

    He is an associate because he and I went to HK last Feb and met with the legacy Mong Kok Airsoft Retail Shops.

    What they get we can get for you.

    Sorry for the shameless plug...the MN players have always had this still keeping it open for you IA players.

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    Default Round baby cribs Drema

    Round baby cribs Drema
    Crib-transformer "Drema" has 8 types of transformation; it will grow with your child and can be used by babies from 0 to 10 years.

    From birth to 6 months its a small, cosy cradle and changing table.

    From 6 months and up to 3 years it is a spacious oval cot and you can remove the sidewall when your baby has already become independent. You also can lower the bottom to the lowest level and the cot will turn into a playpen.

    From 3 to 10 years it is a sofa bed with the length of 175 cm or a set of 2 armchairs with a table.

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