CWG's Operation Least Weasel 16 - Osage Beach, MO - October 2016
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    Default CWG's Operation Least Weasel 16 - Osage Beach, MO - October 2016

    Central War Gaming is pleased to announce the pre-registration period for the fall airsoft event, Operation Least Weasel 16. As with all CWG events, this is a modern-day event, taking place during a low-intensity border conflict between two realistic -- but fictional -- non-aligned nations. The event will take place at a private tactics and leader development training facility near Osage Beach, Missouri from Friday 7 October to Sunday 9 October, 2016.

    Sign up by the end of July for a discounted rate.

    Space is limited so registration for this event will be opened to attendees of previous CWG events first. To help guarantee your spot, register for Least Weasel 16 today!

    We're also pre-announcing our first winter event, Operation Inca Dove 17. This will also be our first MILES event. Yes, every player will have a real AR-15 rifle, will fire blanks for every shot, and will score hits with the actual Army laser engagement system. This event will also be at the Osage Beach location, as it will directly continue the same story as the fall event.

    Central War Gaming prides itself on offering the most realistic, accessible and safe modern milsim environment available. Our events are organized along a military chain of command, with ranks, uniforms and proper military orders. We operate 24/7, regardless of weather, just like real armies so require certain clothing and equipment, and encourage force multipliers like night vision. Our staff includes current and former soldiers with combat and simulation experience. We have been organizing immersive war gaming events since 2005, and are always seeking ways to improve and adapt.

    For more information on Least Weasel 16 or to register:
    CWG rules:
    CWG equipment requirements:

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    They say "pictures or it didn't happen." *Here at Central War Gaming we believe this is not true, but only because at 0300hrs it is too dark and cold to bother!
    To give you an idea what CWG events entail here are some pictures of what did happen.

    A wounded soldier, tries to share ammunition after a firefight. *His arm is in a sling after a medic "saved" him. *Medic rules at CWG are pretty simple, but the price you pay for getting hit is high.
    Know that every enemy soldier you hit, puts a serious dent in the enemy's ability to complete their mission, but it is a double edged sword.

    A Kitoy Soldier from the 7th Company, Light Infantry.
    The Kitoy Army is equipped with M-16/M-4 weaponry, some of it very old and some of it incredibly new.
    This soldier has an M16A2 while the man next to him could have been issued a M-4 and an ACOG.

    Ever look at those big old Battle-rifles and think "dang those are cool." *..... and BIG!
    CWG thinks so too. *We have given the nostalgic guns a chance, and they were a huge success at Swift Fox 16.
    They get to fire heavier BBs than the enemy's AR-rifles giving the battle-rifle a slight advantage in range and accuracy.

    Speaking of Ammo:

    CWG provides all the ammo. *It comes in ammo cans, is properly marked, and is different for each faction.
    Kitoy soldiers who use M-16/M-4 style weapons have a slightly lighter BB than the Ardean soldiers who carry 7.62x51 caliber battle-rifles. *
    The ammo is color coded for easy identification, in camouflage colors so better get those gun-sites working.

    Palletized ammo for the Kitoy Army.
    Kitoy's use of weapons firing 5.56 ammo means that they have a whole lot more of it per can.
    Ardean troops get fewer rounds per can, but their heavier weight tends to make up the difference!

    Ardean Soldiers carrying ammo to their patrol. *Resupply that actually works! *But you had better plan ahead of time so you don't run out.

    Light Infantry! *Doesn't look very light weight.
    But its not all gloom and doom for your shoulders and back.
    Read more here about being light infantry at CWG

    A Squad leader in the field briefs his men. *Moments before this he was busy creating a plan based on the information and recon gathered earlier in the event. *Seemingly boring patrols that see "nothing" have still provided valuable information on gaps in the enemy's formation. *Now they can go exploit this weakness.

    A Kitoy Medic applies a splint to the leg of a wounded soldier. *The medics call it an "intervention" rather than healing. *You didn't die, but you are still not 100%. *There are several wounds possible from head to toe, some of which are merely a scratch while some are serious limitations. *Multiple wounds are possible!
    It takes time too, there is already a line forming for the medic's services.
    Read more about Medics here.

    Wounded but still in the fight. A Kitoy Soldier moves back to his place and continues to do his duty, securing the perimeter for the medic who continues his life-saving work.

    Dragoons of 2nd Troop, 5th Squadron 23rd Frontier Brigade on a long range patrol inside Special Administrative Region 1 near Maros, Narseh the morning of 2 April 2016.

    An Officer of the Kitoy Army, calls coordinating instructions to a subordinate unit.
    They say, "If an officer is firing his weapon, he isn't doing his job." * Good advice if your weapon is a pistol!

    Both sides use military radios, to good effect.
    Here the Command element of the 2nd Troop, Dragoons, sends a clarification of orders via radio.

    A Kitoy Solider with EPAB-4 guards a supply vehicle convoy in the Grafsten Protective Area, 2 April 2016.
    Security is a constant, but your guard duty is NOT. *
    Many years of experience have taught our Leaders the importance of not wearing out their soldiers on pointless guard duties. *That said, lunches still get disrupted from time to time.

    Dragoons of 2nd Troop, 5th Squadron 23rd Frontier Brigade move out from their base into Special Administrative Region 1 near Maros, Narseh the morning of 2 April 2016.

    Lunch-time for these Kitoy Soldiers is interrupted by an Ardean Patrol.
    Their sharp eyed security spotted the enemy before the attack started giving these men precious seconds to scramble for their weapons.

    Maps of the field, are made to the same standards as actual Military maps. *
    GMRS grids, topo-lines, red-light readable colors, and all the trimmings.

    Detailed photo of Ardean, "battlepacks" and the cans they in which they ship.

    Down time is very important to the soldiers. *Here a Kitoy soldier takes a break, so as to be rested for the next fight which may be hours away. *After two days in the field a break is just what the Doctor ordered.

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