DOA Paintball
2444 Quail Ridge Avenue
St. Charles, IA 50240
(515) 462-3596

-Full seal, ANZI Z87.1 rated goggles required. Full face protection required for all under 18, recommended for everyone else.
-10 foot Minimum Engagement Distance for all standard rifles. DMR/Boltie MED's listed below. Bang rule in effect for closer engagements.

FPS restrictions:
Rifles: 1.48 Joules
DMR: 1.87 Joules. Fixed semi-auto only. 50 foot MED.
Bolt actions: 2.80 Joules. 75 foot MED.

We will be playing a variety of game types throughout the day. Deathmatch, Wake Island, Escalation, Mercs, etc. Bring a dead rag, water, food, and admission. Camouflage is recommended but is not required. No magazine restrictions will be in place, but Joule limits will be enforced.

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