Camp Dodge Airsoft July 16th 2017
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    Default Camp Dodge Airsoft July 16th 2017


    I hope everyone is starting to enjoy their summer! Tis the season for Airsoft, I am sure everyone is already deep in the action already! We are excited to start the season out at Camp Dodge. We are planning an event in conjunction with the 186th MP Company out of Camp Dodge. They will be conducting training all weekend. If people would like to visit and observe training they are more than welcome to. They are looking to show off their capabilities to people that may be interested in joining their ranks. If we are lucky we might even get to do a force on force.

    Camp Dodge MOUT Site Event (Hosted by the Iowa Army National Guard)

    Meet in front of the Freedom Center

    Date: 07/16/2017
    Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm"ISH"
    BUSES WILL LEAVE AT: 10:00am
    Location: Camp Dodge Johnston, IA 50131
    Price: FREE

    First of I can't stress this enough. BE ON TIME. The busses will head out at 10:00am and will return at the end of the day when everyone is done. There will NOT be any alterations on this. If you are late or not ready to go and on the bus at 10:00am, you are strait out of luck and WILL NOT PLAY. If you get tired or your gun craps out mid afternoon, you are stuck on site until the ENTIRE GROUP is done around 5:00pm. Only 1 bus in, only 1 bus out. You will not be able to drive on site so pack your gear accordingly. Again, be on time and plan to be there all afternoon. Again, be on time and plan to be there all afternoon. Again, be on time and plan to be there all afternoon. Got it yet???? We are limited on personnel and bus drivers, we will try and shuttle if a group needs to leave for a good reason most likely during lunch break.

    Brought to you by the Army National Guard Recruiters! SSG Bebensee and SSG Wine will be running the show. The National Guard will speak with the group at the end of the day about joining. Please be respectful and give them the attention they deserve for this as they are opening their site to us in return. On the flip side, if you are interested please talk to these gentlemen.

    Nobody will allow any unruly or disrespectful behavior and you will be escorted off the site if need be. Come out and play smart, have fun and be safe. Those who choose to cheat, argue, don't call hits and break rules will not be apart of these events, period!

    If you wish to attend and meet the rule requirements and agree to follow them, you will be permitted to play. Unlimited number of attendance for this game.


    •Eye Protection: ANSI Z87.1 rated eyewear required for ALL players!!! Face protection is HIGHLY recommended. Eye pro will stay on during play at all times.
    •FPS Limits/Minimum Engagement (Will be played like other fields)
    •Mag Restrictions: None
    •Grenades MUST throw BBs to count as hits. Thunder B's are for distraction only.
    •NO physical contact unless you are helping someone
    •NO your, Shields, Nerf Sword, Pocket Knife, Rubber Knife or Real Steal Weapons is NOT OK. Do not bring these to the field.
    •Refs have final say on rules and will not be argued with. Period!!
    •No talking when dead!!!

    Safety is above all the #1 guideline for all airsoft skirmishes. YOU PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK! If someone gets seriously injured, it ruins everyone’s fun. Since this will have a large portion of CQB please be MINDFUL of you shots and respect the other guy. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

    There will be no reason to RSVP this year. We will just have open registration in the morning. We average 100 people a year so we are just guessing it will be about the same this year. If you or your friend does not have their own gear you need to email SFC Wine. We have sets of gear available to borrow at no charge. Email him at

    Liability Waiver, must have!!!! PLEASE PRINT OUT AND BRING TO EVENT!! We will have extras on site, but f you are under 18 your parents need to sign, so if you don't print one they need to drop you off and sign one on site.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    We will do our best to facilitate, please remember we are Soldiers and not a Professional airsoft field. We will do our best to make fun games and scenarios. Those who have played with us in the past we look forward to seeing you again and welcome all new players. If you would like to help us administrate please let us know.

    A reminder this is a military post, weapons need to be stored and carried properly. Last year we did have a security alert because everyone had their weapons out in front of the building. Please keep all weapons cased until we get out to the field. We will have time to prep equipment before the games start.

    We will have water on site but please bring your own container to drink out of.
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    Just confirming that it is the 16th, is that correct? The title of the thread had 15th, but I changed it to match the body of the thread.

    Either way I will be there with at least one other!

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    Yes it is Sunday the 16th, it was originally the 15th but the MPs had a change in schedule.

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