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    Hey Everyone,

    I am sure several of you know me or have played at games with me. For those of you who do not know me my name is Rob. My airsoft call sign is Gunfather but most people just call me Rob. I am a 16 year Omaha Police officer, SWAT since 2009 and SWAT sniper since 2016. I am an avid firearms enthusiast and trainer. This is not to say I am the "King Shit of Tactical Fuck Mountain", just establishing a little bit of credibility. Having said that I never served in the armed forces. I have a lot of real steel small arms training but it is all in a SWAT context. I am still a game organizer for the Omaha area and host about one game a month during the season. A few years ago I started a YouTube channel, Gunfather Milsim, as a hobby but more recently I am trying to get more serious about it. I currently have 249 subscribers (which is shit of course) but I am hoping to start getting some more traction in the community. I make videos about tactics, gear/gun reviews, airsoft/milsim discussion and real steel. I have some older game play videos but I stopped doing them as they require a lot of editing to produce and they are not that entertaining. The goal of my channel is to bridge the gap between the real steel community and the airsoft/milsim community. Its something I am passionate about and would appreciate any support I can get from this community. So please stop by and watch a few videos. If you like what you see please subscribe.


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