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    Default Invasion iowa?

    A project we can all get in on.
    In Oklahoma we would have an annual event called the Oklahoma Invasion. It ceased when the promoters had a falling out, split up, and ended up in court. That's how the Broken Home series began. It was also how Oklahoma airsoft grew to be a recognized community in the sport.

    I think it would be great for the Iowa airsoft community if we would develop an 'invasion' event. The hosting Iowans would be the home 'greens' and the out of state guests would be the invading 'tans'.

    Some of the things needed to host the event.

    A venue of 200+ acres of open/wooded terrain with area for parking and camping close by..
    A cadre of volunteers to run the event and as in-game refs
    A mission book and props
    A list sponsors to provide some funding, set up vendors, and contribute raffle prizes
    About 12-18 months head start to get the ball rolling

    I think a 1 day event (with day before check in) would be the way to start. If it was successful, a 2-day event would be tried later down the line.

    What are your thoughts. Do you, as a community, want an event that could get national notice?
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